P2P Lending P2P Portfolio

P2P Lending Portfolio – February 2020

Here is the composition of my portfolio as per February 2020

Bondora Go&Grow€ 4.026,00
Bondora Portfolio€ 2.417,00
Crowdestor€ 4.254,00
Grupeer€ 28.086,00
Mintos invest&access€ 5.423,00
Mintos invest€ 35.205,00
Iuvo Group€ 4.059,00
Bondster€ 5.050,00
DoFinance€ 2.022,00
Evoestate€ 1.005,00
Swaper€ 2.569,00
Via Invest€ 2.021,00
Total€ 96.137,00

The total gain for February has been 586 EUR.

Total value invested per Months

Total income per Months.

I am in the process of creating an evaluating system for the P2P platform. You can find update here .


Slowly I’m closing the position in the portfolio and moving everything to Go & Grow

I am having difficulties in getting all the 5000€ invested. Again is my strict investment policy. I am not investing in everything that is moving around the platform. Still 1000€ need to be invested.


I am no more confident with this P2P platform. I have closed all the investments and waiting they are paid back. I feel to be too much exposed to CROWDESTOR.

This month I have introduced a new P2P platform, Estateguru.
and I am testing it. I am trying to find a way to evaluate the investments, but if I am checking all the parameters I get scared to invest in most of the projects. That’s why I am moving slowly on this interesting platform.

I have stopped investing in Grupeer. It’s a good platform. I think I am overexposed to Grupeer. I will reduce my total investment in the next months.

iuvo group

Little by little I am increasing the position on this platform. I have difficult to get investment due to my strict investment policy. I am getting more confidence in Iuvo-group

I am no more confident with this P2P platform. Fortunately they are all short investments at 30 days. I am reducing from 5000 to 1000€ my investments in this platform.

Very satisfied at present with this platform. I will invest more next month.

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