P2P Lending P2P Portfolio

P2P Lending Portfolio January 2020

Here is the composition of my portfolio as per January 2020

In Envestio I had invested 2000€ before they disappeared (got bankrupt?)

P2P Lending in EURJanuary 2020
Bondora Go&Grow€ 3.919
Bondora Portfolio€ 2.465
Crowdestor€ 4.216
Envestio(was € 2000)
Grupeer€ 28.114
Mintos invest&access€ 5.392
Mintos invest€ 35.126
Iuvo Group€ 3.045
Bondster€ 5.000
DoFinance€ 2.006
Evoestate€ 1.003
Swaper€ 5.100
Via Invest€ 2.010
€ 97.396

Total value invested per Months

Total income per Months.
In January 2020 total income is minus due to Envestio bankrupcy. I have put all the money invested in Envestio as a loss.

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