P2P Lending P2P Portfolio

P2P Lending Portfolio – March 2020

Here is the composition of my portfolio as per February 2020

Bondora Go&Grow€ 4.125,00
Bondora Portfolio€ 2.370,00
Crowdestor€ 4.200,00
Grupeer€ 28.023,00
Mintos invest&access€ 4.567,00
Mintos invest€ 36.512,00
Iuvo Group€ 3.805,00
Bondster€ 5.089,00
DoFinance€ 2.000,00
Evoestate€ 1.008,00
Swaper€ 0,00
Via Invest€ 4.582,00
Estateguru€ 4.013,00
Lendahand€ 300,00
 € 100.594,00

I have reached the 100k EUR that is my target for this year

The total gain was 816 EUR, so approximately an 8% on the total money invested. Percentage that is increasing from the 6.1% of last months. This is mainly due to the fact that some investments are quite new and have not yet started to earn money

Total invested per month

Total income per month

P2P platform evaluating system

I have slowed down the update in the evaluating system for the P2P platform due to COVID-19 crisis. I am using most of my “free” time to get updated in special for the investments in the stock exchange.

If you want to know more about my evaluating system for the P2P platform. You can find it here .

My new investment policy for P2P

In this crisis period, I have decided to stop investing in long terms. I am switching all the investments in up to 30 days except for real estate where I will not invest for more than 12 months.

The reason for this switch is due to the big money that the European Community is going to put into the market. It can create inflation, so interest rates can increase. If I will have long term investment with a lower interest rate I could lose opportunities.

Moreover it allows me to stop investment if a fell something strange in a platform and do not have to wait long time to have my investment finish. An example is Grupeer. In March on the web started some voices that the platform has some critical issues and I could not close my investments due to lack of secondary market. Now I am at big risk to lose big money.

After the default of Kuetzal and Envestio, now also Monethera and Grupeer are at big risk. Checking my evaluation system I have found some common patterns. They all have a small capital shares. That’s why I am trying to close all the positions in the platform with small capital shares

What’s going on in each P2P platform


Slowly I’m closing the position in the Bondora portfolio and moving everything to Go & Grow. Go & Grow allows me to collect the money whenever I want, while in the Bondora Portfolio is difficult to close all the positions in case of need. I am ok in getting less interest using the Go & Grow system, but with more flexibility. Over 2400 € in the Bondora Portfolio I could manage to switch to Go & Grow only 75€

I had difficulties to get all the 5000€ invested, so I decided to withdraw 1000€. The autoinvest now is settled only for investments up to 30 days.


I am no more confident with this P2P platform. Somebody is attracted by the high interest they are proposing. I am scared of these higher interest. Normally higher interest means more risk investments. I have closed all the investments and waiting they are paid back. I am really afraid about CROWDESTOR.

DoFinance logo

It was not possible to settle the autoinvest for investments up to 30 days, so I have closed my investments in this platform. They will release the money only on June 2020. I need to wait to get my money back

I am increasing my investment on this platform. Adding 3000€, that is +300%. I am investing only in new project with less than 60% LTV and max 12 months period.

I have stopped investing in Grupeer. Somebody claim that this platform is a scam. I am monitoring the situation and ready to take legal action in case something wrong happened. The money I have tried to withdraw on March 21st and March 28th has never been paid back. That a very bad warning.

iuvo group

From this month I have settled the autoinvest to take only 30 days long investments for some top Loan Originator. It’s important to reduce the risk.

I am trying to close all the positions in Invest & Access, but due to a lot of people trying to sell on the secondary market, it’s impossible to cash it out. I do not suggest anybody to invest in Mintos Invest & Access, but only using their autoinvest feature.

I the autoinvesting I am now investing only in max 30 days loans from the top Loan Originator. The interest rate is lower, but I feel safer.
I am not investing in P2P for huge speculation.

I have withdrawn all my money from Swaper.

I have doubled by investments in this platform. Only investments up to 30 days

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