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In this blog I would like to share with you my path to Financial Independence and what I am learning.

Everything started reading a book. Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins in summer 2019. From that time my life changed. I was an entrepreneur keeping my bank blocked in bank without making them fruitful.

Another big change was the discovering of the FIRE (Financial Independent Retire Early) movement and the attending at a FIRE meetup in Madrid. Talking with like-minded is a game-changer. And in February 2020 I opened this blog to share my experience with everybody.

Few weeks ago I was reading the book The Warren Buffet Way when in a chapter it was written that we have 2 different cognitive processes, two modes of thought:
– “intuition”, which would produce a type of rapid and associative cognition,
– “rationality”, defined as slow and governed by rules.

Intuition is the one for which simple and direct ideas spread quickly: I read a review on the blog post and I make the investment. It takes little time and does not require great intellectual skills.

Rationality is the reflexive part of our cognitive processes. It operates in a controlled manner, slowly and laboriously. Our “slow-motion ideas” that require “reflection, evaluation and special expertise”.

To use Rationality and be more reflexive I decided to write this blog. It will force me to slow down and better analyze my idea and my learnings.