What is staking?

Staking is the action of keeping funds blocked for a certain period usually in exchange for certain benefits.

Often when a new cryptocurrency is launched that involves a public sale at a fixed price, the buyer may be forced not to move or sell his crypto. This is done to limit liquidity and keep the price high. ln this case the investor does not have a direct gain from staking … but hopes that in the future his cryptocurrency will reevaluate and can make a profit. In this case, the staking serves to limit circulation by increasing the value.

The staking of a certain number of coins can in some projects lead to advantages, discounts or other bonuses.

But in some platforms, the deposit of coin or currency (fiat) can lead to an interest and therefore a potential gain! This is what I am interested in. Usually, the coin or fiat currency must be tied for a certain time or the tie increases the rate received. There are many opportunities and platforms with different possibilities.

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